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Year 6

This term Year 6 will be reading the range of books listed below, which cover all the subjects in this year's curriculum:

  • Lucky Button (Michael Morpurgo)
  • Secret Tales from Wales (Elizabeth Shepphard)
  • The Pied Piper (Robert Browning)
  • Flight (Kim Taylor)
  • The Wind in the Willows (Kenneth Grahame)
  • Survivors (David Long)
  • Caught in the Web (Police Community Club)
  • The Magicians Nephew (C. S. Lewis)

This term the topics we will cover are:

Summer Term

English - revision and preparation for the KS2 SAT Tests.  Writing for a range of purposes including playscripts, narratives, and information texts.  Biographical texts and their features- Carl Linnaeus.  Classic novel- The Magicians Nephew.

Maths -  – revision and preparation for the KS2 SAT Tests. Further and alternative written methods for multiplication and division. Geometry- constructing 2-D shapes. Problem solving.

Science - electricity – circuits and conductors. Classification. Evolution and inheritance.

History - The legacy of the Roman Empire in Britain.

Geography - The Arctic and Antarctica. Reading OS Maps, contour lines.

ICT - Online Safety - malware. Online Safety - Can we trust images online? Programming in Scratch and Python.

Art/DT - printing techniques. Working in the style of impressionists.

PE - Athletics, rounders and cricket.  Dance.

French - Cutlery: at the restaurant, mealtimes, fruits, drinks and ice cream, vegetables, pizza (toppings). General food and typical French food. Food quantities and packaging. Cost of food (higher numbers and € vs £). Understanding why learning a language is important. Practice using

RE - Sacred text.

Spring Term

English -  Narrative text: ‘Lucky Button’ by Michael Morpurgo.  Biography: ‘Linnaeus: Organising Nature’ by Liz Miles.

Maths - Place Value, ordering and rounding, negative numbers. Perimeter, area and volume. Properties of shape, angles. Ratio and proportion. Measurement. Algebra. Data Handling.

Science - Light, electricity, classification of living things and evolution.

RE - Sacred texts.

History - The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain.

Geography - Locating countries, continents and oceans using globes and atlases. Comparing physical and political maps. A study of mountains to include human, physical and environmental aspects.

Art - Mosaics and their origins in Arabia. Printmaking, inspired by the Japanese artist Hokusai.

DT - Textile skills- sewing on a button, stitching skills, designing, making and evaluating a product using textiles.

PSHE - Money and Me – understanding money and banking, learning how to budget, keeping money safe.

French - Personal description, physical description: eyes and hair, verb to have = avoir in present tense (+negatives = j’ai / je n’ai pas), Bon Appétit, cutlery, at the restaurant, mealtimes, fruits.  French celebrations.  Practice using

PE - Hockey.  Tag Rugby.

Autumn Term

English - Writing a synopsis, description and answering comprehension questions based around class books. Creative writing, describing a scene using complex sentences and revision of grammar and punctuation; where possible these topics are linked to the books the children are reading. Preparation for 

Maths - Square and prime numbers, Venn diagrams, place value, rounding. Equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages, dividing and multiplying by tens, hundred and thousands, addition, subtraction problems. Interpreting and answering questions. Preparation for SATS and after-school Maths club.

Science - What is science? Weather: recording temperature, weather symbols. Seed dispersal and investigation into seed growth. Magnetism and sound.

Where possible experiments are planned, carried out and evaluated by the children.

History - New Bradwell School, now and then, local history and Schools through history.

Geography - Compass points, weather, using maps, ordnance survey maps - Milton Keynes, walks around the local area.  Earthquakes, volcanoes and mountains.

Technology - Tie dyeing, Batik on cloth, making musical instruments.

ICT - Word processing skills.

Art - Sketching and shading, musical instruments.  Printing techniques.

Music - Ukuele.

PE - Fine motor skills, gymnastics, Games (running).

French - Pronouns. Relations.  Practice using

RE - The six main religions. Harvest. Bible stories. Candlemas, Shabbat, The Saints (St David).

PSHE - Healthy Lifestyles.

1.  Visit a windmill

2.  Visit a London attraction

3.  Journey on public transport

4.  Experience live music

5.  Growing, harvesting, preparing, eating

6.  Visit a building over a 100 years old

7.  Experience a days walk – following a map

8.  Experience an event

9.  Perform to an outside audience

10. Play an instrument

11. Build something that they can use

12. Take a portrait of somebody

13. Write a story

14. Read to an audience of younger children

15. Look at the night sky

16. To be able to budget

17. Make and fly a kite

18. Read a Shakespeare play

19. To make a presentation to their peers

20. Look at sculptures in public places

21. To lead a group of children on a theme day

22. To learn a traditional dance

23. To take part in their own production

24. To be able to use the telephone

25. To ride a bicycle to pass cycling proficiency

 26. To take part in a formal debate

27. To read newspapers regularly

28. To learn local history

29. Listen to the news and weather at least once a week

30. To walk along a towpath

31. Prepare and cook a meal for someone else

32. Do something for New Bradwell and its community

33. To watch a pantomime or play

34. Visit a garden

35. Visit a market

36. Make felt

37. Present a radio programme

38. Sew on a button

39. Make a musical instrument

40. Build a shelter

41. Learn bushcraft skills

42. Orienteering

43. Maintain an allotment

44. Cook and eat home grown vegetables

45. Play a ‘wide game’

46. Camp outdoors

47. Create wild art

48. Forage for wild food

49. Cloud watch

50. Keep a nature diary

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