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Year 3

Year 3 will be reading the range of books listed below, which covers all the subjects in this year's curriculum:

  • Stories from the Amazon
  • I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud
  • Stuart Little
  • Exploring Space
  • Dinosaur Empire
  • Viking Express
  • The Lost Garden
  • The Railway Children
  • Journey
  • Little Wolf's Diary of Daring Deeds
  • The Happy Prince
  • Viking Myths
  • The Brontes

This term we will be covering the following topics:

English - Traditional stories from another culture (Amazon). Graphic novels (dinosaurs). Newspaper reports and myths linked to Vikings.  Journey (adventure story with no words).

Maths - Place value. Addition and subtraction to 100. Addition and subtraction - column method. Multiplication and division.

Science - Rocks/Earth layers. Layers of the Rainforest. Climate zones. Fossilisaton - dinosaur teeth. Temperature, weather.

History - Timeline. Dinosaur era. Vikings - life, artefacts, villages, famous Vikings.

Geography - Continents and oceans - different maps. Deforestation. Human geography, Amazon. Lands conquered by Vikings, Viking settlements.  Our journeys.

Technology - Spiced biscuits. Autumn decorations. Viking long boats. Fossils.

ICT - Amazonian animals research. Set up and save Word document. Set-up and save a Powerpoint document.

Art - Shading techniques - lines and patterns. Using different media to produce a picture.

Music - Exploring percussion. Songs, rhythmic patters, djembe drums.

PE - Dodgeball. Gymnastics.

French - Colours. Revision counting, days, greetings.

RE - Christianity. Church: what does it look like, what happens there and why? (Includes prayer, worship, baptism, communion, marriage and pilgrimage)

PSHE - Healthy Eating.  Emotions.  Medicines.  Asthma.  Bullying - see it, say it, stop it.


1.  Pond dipping

2.  Design and create a sculpture

3.  Collect pebbles and paint them

4.  Make a scrap book

5.  Watch a puppet show

6.  Sit in a real fire engine

7.  Watch a puppet show

8.  Make a puppet

9.  Fly a kite

10. Visit an art gallery

11. Built as raft for a teddy bear

12. Experience classic stories

13. Go for a long walk

14. Organise a drink and cake sale

15. Blow bubbles

16. Visit and join the local library

17. Collect leaves and take rubbings

18. Make up a playground game

19. Toast marshmallows

20. Listen to stories around a campfire

21. Watch a musical

22. Look at birds and nests

23. Scavenger hunt

24. Splash in muddy puddles

25. Egg rolling

26. Make an illustrated book

27. Plant a tree

28. Grow bacteria

29. Learn to play an instrument

30. Make a musical instrument

31. Learn to play a card game

32. Play a board game

33. Go for a picnic

34. Fabric painting

35. Write to a pen pal

36. Make a paper aeroplane

37. Run a mile

38. Visit a park

39. Put up a tent

40. Visit a museum

41. Explore seeds and flowers

42. French skipping

43. Do a cartwheel

44. Make using playdough

45. Make a pop-up card

46. Bake biscuits

47. Make a healthy lunch

48. Grow own vegetables

49. Sketch a map

50. Play with a skipping rope

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