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New Bradwell School

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Foundation 2

We are guided by a document called Development Matters which helps us to think about what your child needs to learn. At the end of the year your child will be assessed against The Early Learning Goals - this gives the Year 1 teachers information about how your child is progressing and their starting point for Year 1.


This year is very important for your child as by the end of the year they should be able to read a simple sentence, write a simple sentence and add and takeaway as well as developing a much wider range of skills to help them to become confident and happy learners.


We will be using ReadWriteInc. to learn our sounds to help us to read and write will take you to the website and if you click on "parents" at the top you will have access to lots of information to help at home with sounds and reading.  There are also some videos at the bottom of this page that were made during lockdown last year - they are still relevant and useful.


Please help your child by counting, hunting for numbers, talking about sounds and rhyming, teaching manners, asking lots of questions and generally sharing everything you can with them.

Curriculum - Autumn Term - This is Me!

Introducing Phonics, Number Group, Drawing Club, Outdoor Learning, PE and IT as well as our day to day groups, activities and adventures as well as exploring these topics and themes; 

Activities around:

  • What do I look like?  How have I changed?
  • What can I do?
  • Feelings
  • Being Healthy
  • Autumn
  • Nursery Rhymes and Traditional Tales 
  • Halloween/Bonfire Night/ Diwali/ Remembrance Day/Christmas 

Curriculum - Spring Term - All Around 

Embedding our routines, groups and activities as well as exploring these topics and themes; 

Activities around;

  • Winter (including animals that live in the Artic/Antarctic)
  • Where I live
  • My house/home
  • New Bradwell now and then 
  • Walks around our local area (including road safety)
  • The Windmill 
  • Visiting the Church and Mosque 
  • All around me - exploring nature
  • All around me - what people do 
  • Spring 
  • Lunar new year/Lent/Easter/St Georges Day/Ramadam

Curriculum - Summer Term - What a Wonderful World 

Continuing with our routines, groups and activities as well as beginning to practise some of the new routines we will pick up in Year 1 as well as exploring these topics and themes;

Activities around; 

  • Summer
  • Where are we in the world?
  • Comparing where we live to another place
  • Animals around the world - to include Zoo Lab visit, trip to Woburn, Farm visit 
  • People around the world 
  • Exploring art and music around the world 
  • Eid al-fitr/Eid al-Adha

We use a range of information to influence and inform our planning such as the needs and interests of the children, things happening in the world around us and the Early Years curriculum.

Books are at the centre of our curriculum and link our learning and planning together.

Foundation 2 will be reading a wide range of books, some of which are listed below:

  • Window
  • The Ugly Five
  • Previously
  • The Koala Who Could
  • The Squirrels Who Squabbled
  • The Lion Inside
  • The Lion and the Mouse
  • How to look after your dinosaur
  • A t-wit for a t-woo
  • Spinderella
  • Tidy
  • Jellybeans for Giants
  • Oliver's milkshake
  • What the Ladybird Heard - a play
  • Animal life (non-fiction)
  • Spiders (non-fiction)
  • Animal surprises (non-fiction)
  • Our Local Area (non-fiction)
  • My First Picture Atlas (non-fiction)
  • Oxford Very First Atlas (non-fiction)
  • Story of Our Lives (non-fiction)
  • England (non-fiction)
  • The Usborne book of People of the World (non-fiction)
  • Coral Reef (non-fiction)
  • Deadly creatures (non-fiction)
  • Reptiles and amphibians (non-fiction)
  • Sharks (non-fiction)

We will also be choosing books that are well known and loved by the children, particularly Traditional Tales and texts by well known authors 

Phonics and Reading Videos

Please have a look at Ruth Miskin Training on YouTube

Also have a look at



How to say the sounds

1.  Splash in a puddle

2.  Make and fly a kite

3.  Play in the snow

4.  Make a snow angel

5.  Build a snowman

6.  Visit the church

7.  Make mud pies

8.  Pick some flowers

9.  Climb a tree

10. Roll down a hill

11. Dig for worms

12. Plant a seed

13. Make a cake

14. Go pond dipping

15. Ride on public transport

16. Visit a train station/ride on a train

17. Listen to a story in a new place

18. Compose a piece of music

19. Go on a nature walk

20. Have a celebration/party

21. Go to the theatre

22. Handle a live animal

23. Go on a journey

24. Make a potion

25. Investigate how things work

26. Grow/prepare/eat

27. Go to the park

28. Dance in the rain

29. Wiggle toes in the sand

30. Make a sandwich and eat it

31. Have a picnic

32. Learn to skip

33. Make messy footprints

34. Learn some words in a different language

35. Use some sign language and use it

36. Get dirty

37. Learn a new dance

38. Explore the taste of an unfamiliar thing

39. Talk/play with older members of the community

40. Take part in a race

41. Take a walk around the local area

42. Explore the school and grounds

43. Go on a treasure hunt

44. Kick the leaves

45. Pop to the shops

46. Toast marshmallows on an open fire

47. Write and send letters to another school/nursery

48. Post a letter in the post box

49. Invite the bigger children in to play

50. Litter pick


 Relevant to our Year Group:

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Things to remember

Children at New Bradwell follow the phonics scheme of ReadWriteInc
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