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Year 5


RSE Meeting

To download a copy of the presentation from the RSE meeting with Year 5 parents and guardians, please click here.


This term Year 5 will be reading the range of books listed below, which covers all the subjects in this year's curriculum:

  • Aesop's Funky Fables
  • The White Giraffe
  • Drawbridge
  • The Secret Diary of John Medieval Knight
  • Cautionary Verses
  • The Twits
  • Grimm Tales
  • Window
  • Anglo-Saxon Times
  • Artemis Fowl
  • Explore!
  • After the Fall
  • Everest Adventures!

The topics we will be covering this term are:

Summer Term

English - work based on  class books Artemis Fowl and Everest Adventures.

Maths - Decimals and Shape.  Position of shape, Units of Measure.

Science - Separating Mixtures; Irreversible and reversible change.  Reproduction in Humans (Sex Ed).
Science - Human Growth: Human Timeline, Gestation Periods, Growth of Babies, Puberty, Changes in Old Age, Life Expectancy.

History - local history study of the old towns of Milton Keynes plus the development of the new town of Milton Keynes. Famous explorers and their contributions to discovering new worlds and landscapes.

Geography - Local area – Land use and what we would change for the future.  Explored and Unexplored Earth.

ICT - The Internet - what it is, how it works. Data. HTML. Online Safety - Sensible searching.

Art - Individual artist focus. Watercolour and other mediums.

DT - Creating, designing and evaluating phone cases.

Music - Learning songs in preparation for the Milton Keynes KS2 Primary Music Festival. Structure in music and some of the features of the Garage Band music App.  Using the Garage Band App to compose their own music.

PE - Athletics.

French - At home: habitat (accommodation type), names of rooms, description of rooms, furniture, prepositions of place. In town: area where you live, type of houses, shops in town, facilities in a town, directions. Practice using

RE - Symbols in the Christian faith. Festivals withing the Christian faith.

PSHE - Drugs – Harmful or Helpful (including alcohol and tobacco). Emotional changes and relationships when we grow.
PSHE - Relationships: Changing Emotions, Changing Bodies, Just the way you are, Relationships, Let's Talk About, Human Reproduction.


Spring Term

English - Class book ‘Cosmic’ , class book ‘Window’.

Maths - Long multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percentages.

Science - Space – the planets; night and day; the moon.  Properties and change of materials – sorting and classifying; conductors and insulators; irreversible change; dissolving and separating mixtures.

History - The Ancient Egyptians, local history - New Bradwell.

Geography - Maps – use of atlas and maps; compass points; grid references; planning a route.  Enough for everyone – environment and our impact.

Technology - Construction- making a planet mobile.  

Art - Space Art.

Music - Rhythm, improvisation.  Samba music, call and response, notation.

PE - Badminton.  Football.  Dance.

French - Writing about ourselves, siblings, members of the family, at home, area where you live, type of houses, names of rooms, description of rooms, furniture, prepositions of place.  French Celebrations.  Practice using

RE - Christianity – showing belonging.  Birth; confirmation; marriage; death and burial.  Christianity – Easter, advent; death of Christ; resurrection; meaning for Christians.

PSHE - Safety first: risks; first aid; keeping safe; visit to Safety Centre.  Money matters: saving; attitudes towards money; budgeting.

Autumn Term

English - 'Medieval Knights in training' by Philip Ardagh and 'Cautionary verses' by Hiliare Belloc.

Maths - Power Maths. Addition, subtraction, rounding, place numbers to 100,000, value, inverse operations, division, multiplication.

Science - forces, gravity and friction.

History - middle ages and Anglo-Saxon life.

Geography - physical (global) geography. Human geography (local).

Technology - building castles, trebuchet investigation.

ICT - computer skills.

Art - Mona Lisa, Da Vinci, perspective.

Music - rhythm and song writing.

PE - cross country, fitness testing.

French - Writing about ourselves, siblings, members of the family, at home, area where you live, type of houses, names of rooms, description of rooms, furniture, prepositions of place.  French Celebrations.  Practice using

RE - Islam: pillars of Islam.

PHSE - teamwork.

1.  Grow something from seeds

2.  Cook something

3.  Bake bread

4.  Host a party for visitors

5.  Cook a meal

6.  Learn all the planets by heart

7.  Go out in the rain

8.  Get dirty in the mud

9.  Visit a museum

10. Make a plan to get from one place to another

11. Watch something grow

12. Visit several places of worship

13. Learn to tie their shoelaces

14. Send a postcard

15. Use an app

16. Skype with someone from a different country

17. Organise an event to raise money

18. Sing in public

19. Go on a bus/train/stream train

20. Visit a castle

21. Eat in a restaurant

22. Go to the theatre

23. Design a coat of arms

24. Record music they have written

25. Plan a day out

 26. Walk above sea level

27. Learn a new sport

28. Learn to sew

29. Make something from outdoor material

30. Work with a visiting artist

31. Read to a younger child

32. Attend a sporting event as a spectator

33. Learn to knit

34. Design and make a sell-able product

35. Visit a stately home

36. Visit a planetarium

37. Visit an environmental project

38. Visit a park

39. See where your rubbish goes

40. Make something from things people no longer need

41. Read a compass

42. Tell the time

43. Read a map

44. Experience food from another culture

45. Try a new musical instrument

46. Learn to ride a bike

47. Learn a dance from another culture

48. Run a mile

49. Learn basic first aid

50. Go on a hike

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