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New Bradwell School

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Foundation 1

In Foundation 1 we will be reading a wide range of books some of which are listed below;

  • Itsy bitsy spider
  • I am the music man
  • Yoga babies
  • Rain or shine
  • You choose your dreams
  • Gary's banana drama
  • The colour monster
  • Hole in the zoo
  • Hide-and-seek Hettie
  • Avocado baby
  • We wear pants
  • There's a house inside my mummy
  • Each peach pear plum
  • Handa's hen
  • Ten seeds
  • Snail trail
  • Whose nose and toes?
  • Would you rather ...
  • Oi Frog!
  • You choose
  • Oliver's fruit salad
  • Oliver's milkshake
  • Oliver's vegetables
  • The pop-up dear zoo
  • If I had a dinosaur
  • The very busy spider
  • Rosie's hat
  • There's a dragon in your book
  • Mixed up nursery rhymes
  • First day at bug school
  • 1, 2, 3 splosh!
  • Axel Scheffler's flip flap jungle
  • Ellie's magic wellies
  • Where's the baby?
  • I went to the supermarket
  • Six dinner Sid
  • Aaaarrgghh, spider!

Read, Write Inc. Information for Parents
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1.  Splash in a puddle

2.  Make and fly a kite

3.  Play in the snow

4.  Make a snow angel

5.  Build a snowman

6.  Visit the church

7.  Make mud pies

8.  Pick some flowers

9.  Climb a tree

10. Roll down a hill

11. Dig for worms

12. Plant a seed

13. Make a cake

14. Go pond dipping

15. Ride on public transport

16. Visit a train station/ride on a train

17. Listen to a story in a new place

18. Compose a piece of music

19. Go on a nature walk

20. Have a celebration/party

21. Go to the theatre

22. Handle a live animal

23. Go on a journey

24. Make a potion

25. Investigate how things work

26. Grow/prepare/eat

27. Go to the park

28. Dance in the rain

29. Wiggle toes in the sand

30. Make a sandwich and eat it

31. Have a picnic

32. Learn to skip

33. Make messy footprints

34. Learn some words in a different language

35. Use some sign language and use it

36. Get dirty

37. Learn a new dance

38. Explore the taste of an unfamiliar thing

39. Talk/play to older members of the community

40. Take part in a race

41. Take a walk around the local area

42. Explore the school and grounds

43. Go on a treasure hunt

44. Kick the leaves

45. Pop to the shops

46. Toast marshmallows on an open fire

47. Write and send letters to another school/nursery

48. Post a letter in the post box

49. Invite the bigger children in to play

50. Litter pick