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Year 2

Year 2 will be reading the range of books listed below, which covers all the subjects in this year's curriculum:

  • Tuesday
  • Winter's Tales
  • Anthology of Beatrix Potter stories
  • Journeys
  • Evidence of Dragons
  • Great Pioneers
  • Iron Man
  • Britain and Ireland
  • Greenpeace
  • Charles Darwin
  • A Child's Garden
  • Holes
  • Nadiya's Bake me a Festive Story

Topics covered this term will be:

Summer Term

English - Past, present tense, diaries, newspaper report descriptions.

Maths - Fractions, time, measures, solving problems.

Science - How plants grow.  Animals and their habitats.  Food chains.

History - Inventors and pioneers.

Geography - Map skills and continents/ countries around the world.

Technology - Designing, making and evaluating kites.

ICT - Continue with typing and Word processing skills and practice.  Begin using the Microsoft Portal and Word 365.  ABC of Computing - Algorithms, Bugs and Code.

Art - Drawing plans, elephants, pencil skills.  Study of the artist Henri Matisse.  Making Suffragette rosettes. Painting French flags.

Music - vocal pitch-matching and preparing to take part in the Milton Keynes KS1 Primary Music Festival. Using percussion instruments to play grid scores. Learning about stringed, brass and woodwind instruments.

PE - Athletics, striking and fielding.

French - Numbers up to 20, revise/learn colours, basic body parts, clothes, the weather, at school.

RE - Judaism: Passover.  The role of a Rabbi.  Christianity: Stories from the Bible.

PHSE - Respecting rights.

Spring Term

English - Apostrophes for omission, pronouns, conjunctions, four sentence types, past and present tense, compound words.

Maths - Multiplication and division, statistics, using tally charts, pictograms.

Science - Properties of materials and their uses.  Testing properties of materials.

History - Touch on the history of Canada.

Geography - Continents and oceans.

Technology - Designing and building Totem poles.

Art - Collaging, painting, creating models of Totem poles.

Music - Vocally pitch match, learn about rhythms.  Play tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments.

PE - Skipping, Dribbling & Hitting.   Invasion Games.

RE - Judaism.

PHSE - Thinking about VIPs in their life.

Autumn Term

English - Stories by Beatrix Potter.  Writing in sentences, nouns and adjectives.

Maths - Place value, addition and subtraction, arithmetic. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Science - animals including humans. Super Scientists!

History - The life of Beatrix Potter, Victorian steam trains. Significant people - Guy Fawkes, Remembrance, WW2.

Geography - UK countries and capitals. Comparing MK and the Lake District. Places/continents.

Technology - Food - making salad, DT: designing and sculpting clay. Cooking - chopping, peeling and following recipes.

ICT - learning to log on/off. Learning to open programmes and do a google search. Creating powerpoints.

Art - animals in art.

Music - violins and singing.

PE - dance and outdoor games. Celebration dances and outdoor games.

French - Revise numbers up to 12, revise/learn colours, rooms of the house, furniture at home. The weather, at school.
French celebrations.

RE - Christianity and festivals.

PHSE - Health and well-being, friendships.

Year 2 will use Read, Write Inc. to learn their sounds to help them to read and write will take you to the website and if you click on "parents" at the top you will have access to lots of information to help at home with sounds and reading.

1.  Play an instrument

2.  Making a map for a treasure hunt

3.  Design a boat and test it

4.  Go to a nature reserve

5.  Make a totem pole

6.  Hold a live animal in your hand

7.  Find frogspawn/pond dipping

8.  Go on a wolf walk

9.  Visit a farm and feed the animals

10. Stroke a chicken

11. Visit the church

12. Go to Caldecotte

13. Rock climbing/abseiling

14. Have a picnic

15. Zorbing

16. Caving

17. Climb up and roll down a hill

18. Kayaking/sailing/speed boat

19. Solve a (pretend) crime

20. Make a model train

21. Build a clay model

22. Sleepover at school

23. Stargazing/ moon watching

24. Make and pack a packed lunch

25. Play board games and card game

26. Go to Kidzania

27. Make their own jigsaw puzzle and build it

28. Make rock cakes

29. Boil an egg, decorate and egg rolling

30. Make a pompom

31. Grow cress

32. Make a string phone

33. Make a human dragon puppet and perform a dragon dance

34. Make Mr McGregors’ salad

35. Visit the concrete cows

36. Cook food from a foreign country

37. Learn and perform a dance

38. Visit Hazard Alley

39. Take part in a singing festival

40. Make toast on a campfire

41. Perform a nativity

42. Make an animal habitat

43. Dress up as a pioneer

44. Use a range of mediums in art

45. Tie dye a t-shirt

46. Pen pal within the trust

47. Create a comic strip

48. Young Enterprise event and sell items

49. Chat to a scientist

50. Interview and meet with the police

Relevant to our Year Group:
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 ICT games
Rounding to the Nearest 10
Maze game
Nina and the Neurons
Use your engineering skills to play games and help the Neurons collect stars.
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