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Consultation on proposed Admission Arrangements for September 2025

(22 November 2023 - 24 January 2024)

We are consulting on our Admission Arrangements for September 2025.   A copy of the draft arrangements can be accessed below. There are no changes proposed to our admissions arrangements, the purpose of this consultation is to ensure that the school meets the expectation that our admissions arrangements are consulted on every 7 years. If you have any comments regarding this consultation, please email .  

If you would like a paper copy of the document please contact the school on 01908 312244.

The consultation process will close on 24st January 2024. Following the consultation process the final admission arrangements will be published on the school website by 11th March 2024.

Proposed Admissions Arrangements for 2025-26


New Bradwell is an academy school and, as such, is its own admissions authority. The local academy committee will operate a single point of entry at the beginning of the academic year (1st September) in which the child reaches their fifth birthday. Entry in September 2024 is therefore open to all children born between 1st September 2019 and 31st August 2020.

The school works in conjunction with the local authority and details of the co-ordinated scheme for admissions are available in the authority’s booklet, that is available from the school.  The booklet also explains how parents can express a preference for a school and give reasons for that preference.  Applications for entry to New Bradwell School in September 2024 must be on the LA’s admission form and returned to the LA by the deadline.  Alternatively, you can apply online via the link below:

Milton Keynes Council Admissions

Decisions on which children are to be offered a place will be made by the Local Academy Committee in line with the published criteria.  Offers of a place will be made by the LA in March 2024.  New Bradwell School has a published admission number of 630.

The defined area for admissions is New Bradwell, Blue Bridge, Oak Ridge Park, Stantonbury Farm Park and the northern part of Bancroft.  Additionally, New Bradwell School accepts children with a specific language or communication difficulty statement from outside this area into its Communication Department.  There are a total of twenty four places available in the department throughout the whole school if you are interested to find out more about our Department please visit the Department option on the top menu. The admissions process for the Department is different to the one described in the policy below, please contact out department team ( to find out more.

In the event of there being greater demand for admission than there are places, children with a statement of special educational need, naming New Bradwell School, have the highest priority.

The priority for admission is based on the criteria below:

  1. Looked After Children and all Previously Looked After Children, including those who appear (to the admissions authority) to have been in state care outside England and ceased to be in state care as a result of being adopted
  2. Children living in the defined area: New Bradwell, Blue Bridge, Oak Ridge Park, Stantonbury Farm Park and the northern part of Bancroft and have a sibling on roll at the time of admission
  3. Children living in the defined area:  New Bradwell, Blue Bridge, Oak Ridge Park, Stantonbury Farm Park and the northern part of Bancroft
  4. Children who live outside the area with brothers or sisters who will be in attendance at the time of admission
  5. Children who attend the schools Nursery
  6. Children who live outside the defined area.

Further details regarding the admissions process for New Bradwell are included in the documents that can be accessed below. We've also included a link to the Local Authority Admissions Page. If you are applying for an In year admission place at the school please follow the link to Milton Keynes Council below and then follow the in year admission link on the school admission page

Milton Keynes Admissions Information

Admissions Policy and Criteria 2023-24

Admissions Policy and Criteria 2024-25

Milton Keynes Council
Links to school admissions page.