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New Bradwell School

Inspiring the learner in you


Inspiring the learner in you

When visitors come to New Bradwell School they will not need to be told what is happening. It will shout at them from every wall, flat surface and interactive white board. They will be dazzled by the enjoyment and happiness sparkling from each child’s eyes.

It will be obvious that the school day isn’t long enough. Relationships with parents will give them the knowledge and encouragement to support their child at home. The school will instil and develop the key skills and values that every child needs, not only for life in school, but for all their lives.

New Bradwell will promote high standards across everything we do, promoting skills such as independence, collaboration, the use of initiative  and creativity. This will help raise standards, not just academically but right across the wider curriculum and community.

We want to excel in providing exciting opportunities and allow children to experience new things. We want everyone to feel safe and secure, be resilient to overcome setbacks and have respect for each other. We want to motivate everyone to do their best, to boost self-esteem and be successful.

To achieve this, each child will be seen as an individual.

Our aims and objectives 

Whole School

  • Maintain an atmosphere of quiet expectation that encourages the development of self-respect, good attainment and high standards.
  • Promote a commitment to learning as a means of encouraging and stimulating the best possible progress for all children.
  • Prepare our children for a future that is exciting, challenging and increasingly scientific and technological in origin.


  • Develop the comprehensive range of skills, concepts and attitudes which they will require in our changing society.
  • Place great value on the personal and social development of the children so that they may gain confidence, independence, perseverance and adaptability.
  • Help children to face uncertainty in a future where individual initiative and group co-operation will be required. 


  • Make sure that all experiences have breadth, quality and relevance so that every child may build on achievement to reach their personal best.
  • Ensure all the children, both individually and collectively, learn about their capabilities, how best to use and develop them, how to cope with and learn from failure to appreciate and celebrate success.
  • Promote a respect for religious and moral values and, in particular, developing principles for distinguishing between right and wrong.
  • Develop each child with the essential learning skills of literacy, numeracy, science and information and communication technology so as to reason and communicate effectively.


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