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Year 3

Year 3 will be reading the range of books listed below, which covers all the subjects in this year's curriculum:


  • Stories from the Amazon
  • I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud
  • Stuart Little
  • Exploring Space
  • Dinosaur Empire
  • Viking Express
  • The Lost Garden
  • The Railway Children
  • Journey
  • Little Wolf's Diary of Daring Deeds
  • The Happy Prince
  • Viking Myths
  • The Brontes

This term we will be covering the following topics:


English - Traditional stories from another culture (Amazon).  Graphic novels (dinosaurs).  Newspaper reports and myths linked to Vikings.


Maths - Place value.  Addition and subtraction to 100.  Addition and subtraction - column method.  Multiplication and division.


Science - Rocks/Earth layers.  Layers of the Rainforest.  Climate zones.  Fossilisaton - dinosaur teeth.  Temperature, weather.


History - Timeline.  Dinosaur era.  Vikings - life, artefacts, villages, famous Vikings.


Geography - Continents and oceans - different maps.  Deforestation.  Human geography, Amazon.  Lands conquered by Vikings, Viking settlements.


Technology - Spiced biscuits.  Autumn decorations.  Viking long boats.  Fossils.


ICT - Amazonian animals research.  Set up and save Word document.  Set-up and save a Powerpoint document.


Art - Shading techniques - lines and patterns.  Using different media to produce a picture.


Music - Exploring percussion.  Songs, rhythmic patters, djembe drums.


PE - Dodgeball.  Gymnastics.


French - Colours.  Revision counting, days, greetings.


RE - Christianity. Church: what does it look like, what happens there and why? (Includes prayer, worship, baptism, communion, marriage and pilgrimage)


PSHE - Tobacco is a drug/asthma.  Bullying - see it, say it, stop it.

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