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Topics: Animals

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Settling into F2, learning the routine.

Playing and sharing with others.

Developing relationships with familiar adults.


Communication and Language

Listening to and responding to simple questions and instructions.

Understanding who, where, what and why questions.

Speaking using correct tense.


Physical Development

Developing gross and fine motor skills through a range of practical activities such as PE, playing in the garden, cutting and sticking and using mark making tools.



Recognising and writing names.

Listening to rhyme and repetition in stories and through games.

Hearing initial sounds through practical activities.

Developing mark making that has meaning to them.



Develop their ability to count with 1:1 correspondence and giving a number name to each object in a set.

Singing number songs.

Looking at patterns and talking about different shapes.


Understanding the World

Celebrating children's birthdays and talking about them.

Looking at different Autumn festivals and Diwali.

Looking at different seasons and materials through the 3 little pigs.

Using iPads to take selfies of themselves.


Expressive Arts and Design

Using different materials and media such as painting, conker rolling, collages, playdough.

Role playing in the home corner.

Shop/school role play outside.

3 little pigs role play.