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Consultation on Conversion to Multi- Academy-Trust

As a close partner of New Bradwell School, I am writing to make you aware that the Governing Body of New Bradwell School is considering a proposal to convert from a foundation school into a Multi Academy Trust (MAT). This is a relatively straight forward process but, as with everything we do, our decision is based upon what is best for our children, our staff and our wider community.


As you will be aware from the news, schools are being encouraged to become academies in the coming years. The government are also encouraging schools to form partnerships with other schools and form MATs.


Since achieving our outstanding grading in 2012 we have worked with a number of schools at a number of different levels to share expertise and learn from each other. We have also expanded the school from a two to three form entry school. It feels a natural step in the school’s journey to lead in forming a group of schools who work under the same principles but maintain their individual identities within their communities.


The most important measure of our success has been the impact on our children. Over a number of years the school has gone from strength to strength academically and the depth and breadth of experience we provide is something of which the community of New Bradwell School can be very proud.


The Governing Body are therefore considering setting up formalised partnerships with other schools, ensuring that the support work that we offer can have an impact on a wider number of children. This more formal side is achieved by the Governing Body developing a MAT. We have attached some frequently asked questions on what this might mean for parents and carers, our community and our partners to support you during the consultation period.


The consultation will run from Tuesday 10th May 2016 to Midnight on Tuesday 7th June 2016.


The Governing Body is consulting with our stakeholders including:


  • Staff
  • Pupils
  • Parents
  • Local Primary Schools
  • Nearby Secondary Schools
  • The Local Authority
  • Parish Council


You are invited to submit your comments and views to the Clerk to the Governing Body, Ms Voulla Wheeler at


If you have any concerns regarding this consultation, please contact Mr Phil Webster at the school, who will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


We look forward to receiving your comments on this very important issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Multi Academy Trust

April 2016


  1. Why do we want to create a multi academy trust (MAT)?


Due to our status as an outstanding provider we want to take this knowledge and create a trust of schools. Our plan is to use our experiences within New Bradwell School to lead the MAT alongside other local leaders who share the same vision of inspiring the learner in everyone.


Joining with other schools within a MAT provides opportunities for schools to consolidate their position and enhance the educational experience for all children, as well as improve upon the efficiency of running the schools.


A MAT structure would allow us to sponsor or commission new provisions should we wish to move in this direction.


Finally, a MAT allows schools to join who may not choose to convert to academy status independently.


  1. What is a Multi Academy Trust?


A Multi Academy Trust (MAT) is where a number of academies create a single trust with a board of trustees answerable to the trust members.


Members of the trust are responsible for the strategic oversight of the academy. They appoint and work closely with the trustees who determine the policies of the trust, monitor the effectiveness of each academy within the MAT, manage central services where appropriate and report to the Secretary of State. They work to the ensure that each academy is performing to the best of its ability and gets the support it requires.


Each of the academies in the trust has its own local governing body which has authority delegated to it, by the trustees.


  1. What are the benefits for children in forming a MAT?


There are a number of benefits for children in forming a MAT:


  • They will have the opportunity to work with other children at different schools on academic projects, sporting pursuits, enrichment activities and trips and clubs;
  • Benefit from the experience of shared resources, facilities and activities;
  • The children will have the opportunity to learn from teaching professionals that have experienced a wider range of skills and driving best practice;
  • Children will financially benefit from the conversion, as efficiencies will be driven back into their education;
  • The standard of education will be enhanced by high quality governance.


  1. What are the benefits for staff in forming a MAT?


There are a number of benefits in forming a MAT:

  • Opportunities to share expertise and best practice;
  • High quality governance with a clear focus on strategic development, teaching and learning accountability;
  • Opportunities for teaching and support staff to share good practice and to benefit from a wider Continuing Professional Development programme that adds value to the educational experience of the children;
  • Efficiencies in administrative functions such as finance, HR and admissions which can produce cost savings, important in the current budgetary climate.


  1. Will there be a negative impact on my child at New Bradwell School?


There will be no negative impact on the level of education received by the children. New Bradwell will very much have the same feel, values and approach to learning.


  1. Will the conversion to a MAT change the day to day business of the school?


The MAT will only enhance the capacity to provide more opportunities for both children and the staff. Day to day running of the business will change marginally for daily management and operations.


  1. Will there be any expansion to the current New Bradwell Site?


There are no plans to expand the site of New Bradwell any further.


  1. If we proceed, when will the change be made?


If the proposal goes ahead, it is proposed that the new arrangements start within the academic year 2016/17. It is the governing body’s intention to proceed to become a MAT as soon as the DFE approve the application


  1. Who will lead the MAT?


Initially the current leadership and governors of New Bradwell will drive the development of the MAT. Our plans are to further strengthen the breadth of expertise as the MAT develops.


  1.  Who would be joining the MAT?


We would aim for varying types of schools joining the MAT. Each individual school will be considered separately to ensure the joining school shares the vision and values of the trust. As well as education we consider the development, financial and risk aspects of the schools before agreeing to them joining the MAT. This ensures that quality and capacity needs are considered pro-actively.


  1.  Will the schools retain their own identity?


Yes - all schools will remain separate legal entities with separate head teachers and local governing bodies. All schools will have their existing or individual name but will be part of the MAT


  1. Will there be any changes to the existing admission arrangements currently in place for 2016 and 2017?


There are no proposals to change the existing admission arrangements for New Bradwell School upon conversion to a MAT. Details of the admission arrangements can be viewed  on the school’s website.



As already stated we would welcome and actively encourage your views, whether positive or negative, on the proposal. The consultation period will last for four weeks and run from Tuesday 10th May 2016 to Midnight on Tuesday 7th June 2016. The covering letter provides details on how to submit your comments about the consultation.