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New Bradwell Curriculum

New Bradwell Schools aims to offer a curriculum that inspires children to learn and to use the skills we need to be a successful learner.


Our curriculum is built around first hand experience and using the interests of children to drive our learning. Therefore the children will be involved in a number of themes during the year that are supported by whole class reading material.


We also believe in giving the children the key skills in Reading, Writing and Maths. These are the building blocks to future success and it is extremely important that the school works closely with parents to gain long lasting learning. Children begin reading using the Read, Write, Inc scheme as well as being involved in daily guided reading sessions.


This page will give you highlights of things that will be going on around the school. If you want to find out more log into your child's class page and see the work they have done and what is to come in the future. Also you can ask your class teacher for more information as to what your child may be covering during each term.


We have also included the new national curriculum on this page so you can see the objectives we cover with each year group. Again if you need this explaining please talk to your class teacher. 


We have also attached the curriculum that is being used across the trust and more information will be added as we go through the year. However the key skills for each year group should help parents to support their children at home.