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Year 5

Within the Key Stage 2 curriculum, Year 5 will cover the areas below:



This term we will focus on books by Michael Morpurgo including 'Arthur, High King of Britain' and 'Knights of the Round Table' by Marcia Williams.



This term we will focus on place value, written methods for multiplication and division, fractions, measures and geometry.



This term we will review healthy eating, seed dispersal, forces -friction, levers and pulleys and the properties of materials.

Art & Design

This term we will focus on drawing and painting, painting styles and portrait techniques.


This term we will gain a familiarisation of Scratch and programming language.  We are game developers.

Design & Technology

During the term we will focus on model-making linked to science and history themes, Christmas cards and pop-ups.


This term we will focus on maps of Britain and Northern Europe.  We will also look at maps, and map-making, comparing and contrasting two different islands.


We will be focusing on Anglo Saxons this term.



This term, in French we are learning all about school: stationery/school subjects and opinions.  We are also using vocabulary related to Halloween and Christmas.



During this term we will be exploring rhythm, pulse and rounds.  We will perform rhythmic patterns with a strong sense of pulse.


This term we will be focussing on net/court games and swimming.


During the term we will focus on Islam, the belief in one God, the story of Muhammad (pbuh), Christianity, bible stories and Christmas.


This term we will focus on new beginnings and expectations, getting on and falling out.

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