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Year 2

Within the Key Stage 1 curriculum, Year 2 will cover the areas below:



This term we will be looking at Ourselves and Pirates and in grammar the use of adjectives, adverbs, suffixes and conjunctions, contractions.

There is a strong expectation of daily reading and comprehension activities at home for readers of all levels.  Make sure the Reading Diaries are signed as they are checked daily, and there will be rewards for reading each day!

The spellings are set weekly. A worksheet will come home on a Friday to support the learning of the spelling and the spelling test will take place the following Thursday.


We will be looking at times tables, units of measure, shape, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


We will be learning about the use and properties of everyday materials.



We will study portraits, tessellation and making our own quilt.


We will be photographers editing photos.

Design & Technology

We will be designing and making St Patrick's Day hats, weaving and creating photo frames.


We will learn about China and map work.


We will be looking at Rosa Parks and segregation, significant individuals, Elizabeth Fry and comparing.



We will take part in French speaking and listening activities with a specialist teacher.


Throughout the year, a specialist teacher will be working with the year group, exploring pulse, tone, rhythm and learning to play the violin.


This term we will be focusing on fundamental movement skills including agility, balance and coordination.


This term we will look at New Year celebrations for Christians, Jews and the Chinese.



This term we will look at team building and self discovery mainly through the Residential trip to Caldecotte.



This year we will celebrate Chinese New Year with a theme day and have the Caldecotte Residential Trip.


Relevant to our Year Group:


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