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Year 2

Within the Key Stage 1 curriculum, Year 2 will cover the areas below:



Through a food-based topic, we will study different texts including stories, recipes and poems. The grammar element will focus on recognising adjectives, nouns, verbs and contracted forms. We will also use and apply commas in lists.

There is a strong expectation of daily reading and comprehension activities at home for readers of all levels.  Make sure the Reading Diaries are signed as they are checked daily, and there will be rewards for reading each day!

The spellings are set weekly, grouped into words using the same key sound – words to be found on a Monday in Reading Diaries. A worksheet will come home during the week to support the learning of the spelling pattern, and the spelling test will take place at the end of the week.


The genres this term are recipes, poems and Fairy Tales.


We will be looking at different ways to add and subtract mentally, including using place value of digits, partitioning and magic pairs of numbers.  We will also begin to understand multiplication and division of 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.


This term we will cover ordering, comparing, writing, numbers, plus and minus, 2D/3D shapes, money and measurement.


We will be learning about all living things including humans, finding out about their basic needs for survival and sorting them according to different criteria. This will also be taught during Outdoor learning sessions.  We will also focus on life cycles and how to keep healthy through exercise, healthy food choices and hygiene.

Art & Design

We will study line, pattern and colour to produce different designs and make up a class patchwork.  The focus in the second part of the term is Poppies in art.


We will be learning to log on and off correctly.  We will use ‘Scratch’ to begin to write simple programs.

Design & Technology

This term we will look at using tools for a purpose, creating with clay and cooking.  We will be designing and making our own telephones linking to our history topic.  In the second part of the term we will design and make magnets and cards.


We will be using basic geographical vocabulary to refer to key physical features and key human features in the local area and for the second part of the term look at world continents and oceans.


We will learn about the invention of the telephone and how its use and design have changed within living memory.  For the second part of the term we will learn the history of the Gunpowder plot.


We will take part in French speaking and listening activities.


Throughout the year, a specialist teacher will be working with the year group, exploring pulse, tone, rhythm and learning to play the violin.


This term, MK Springers will be leading our Indoor PE sessions. In Outdoor Games, we will be focusing on fundamental movement skills including agility, balance and coordination.


Our work will focus on Christianity, especially how the local community use the church and during the second term, Remembering Jesus.


During the first part of the term we will review the New Bradwell Values and during the second part of the term look at Circle Time.


Relevant to our Year Group:


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