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Autumn Term Curriculum 2015

Our class book is 'Journey to the River Sea' by Eva Ibbotson. Our work will be based around this story, and we will be reading and writing poetry, fiction and newspaper reports. We will also look at other fiction, including traditional tales.

We will be focusing on learning multiplication table facts, and practising written calculation methods. We will begin to think about decimal fractions, and finding equivalent fractions. Children will practise converting between different units of measurement (e.g. centimetres to metres), and will learn about the properties of shapes including quadrilaterals and triangles.

Our topics will be electricity, and states of matter.

We will be using programming skills to create simple games.

We will be exploring the history of the canal network, linking to the industrial revolution, in preparation for our visit to Ironbridge.

We will look at using globes and atlases, learn about the features of a river and the water cycle.

Our work will focus on Christianity, and we will look at the importance of colour and the events in the church year.

Design and Technology
We will be planning and making food using the produce from the school garden.

Art and Design
We will practise sketching and watercolour painting skills, and also explore pattern.

We will take part in French speaking and listening activities.

A specialist teacher will be working with the year group, focusing on percussion.

We plan to cover a range of skills and activities as part of our outdoor curriculum, focusing on seasonal change. This will be on a Monday.

Children will have an hour of Games on a Friday, and Gymnastics with the MK Springers coaches on Tuesday.